What’s the right waste compactor for your ‘Multifamily’ Community?

  • How many apartment units should I have before we consider a compactor?
  • Is having a compactor better than open containers?
  • Is our current system the most efficient, or is it undersized?
  • Do I have room for a compactor?
  • Should we install a self-contained system or a stationary compactor?
  • How would we have the compactor installed safely and conveniently for our residents?
  • Should I just go with a local hauler or seek out a compactor equipment specialist?
  • Can I find a system to handle all our trash including bulk items?
  • Could our waste cost be lowered?
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In the world of trash, “overwhelming” can be an understatement when trying to select compactors for your Multifamily communities – whether you have an existing property or new construction. Choosing your system can sometimes be compared jokingly to blindly selecting a bottle of wine at a grocery store; Sometimes you hit it out of the park but more often than not, you make a bad selection and then you are stuck with the results. The resulting uninformed decision is frequently an impulse choice just to move the process along. We here at CSI would like to help, and give you information that will make you aware of some important facts when considering your waste system selection.

Compactors systems are not all created equal and in the Multifamily Industry this can be a confusing process as you navigate compactors models, options, sizes and specialized features. Local providers tend to offer waste systems as a means to lock your community into long term hauling agreements. Unfortunately most of the time they are providing systems not designed for wet garbage or not able to provide heavy compaction forces. Compacting heavy loads is a key benefit: Fewer Hauls = Bigger Savings and a greener ECO footprint. Most compactors are usually undersized, often improperly installed and not sized correctly for the individual project. Most providers are checking boxes just to complete a sale while not even considering how the system will perform long-term for residents or achieve the goals of their customer. The result is under-performing waste equipment that creates problems with trash overflow, unhappy staff members, residents, and budgets that are always increasing.

We here at CSI believe that Waste Compactors Should Not Be A Crime Scene! Rather, they should be the central hub of your community for all your waste disposal needs. Our customers receive waste systems that are efficient, reliable, resident friendly, ECO friendly and lower overall waste cost with all equipment meeting or exceeding ANSI, OSHA and UFAS compliances. Our goal is to give you, as the customer, a complete system and program to achieve your goals and meet each community’s individual needs.

Yes, we can help with any situation at any stage of your project across the country. With over 80 years of waste industry experience, our company provides solutions that bring results across the Multifamily Industry and Commercial & Industrial markets. Our mission is to investigate your current waste stream and equipment then introduce a powerful, efficient system designed to lower operating expenses and overall waste cost. We provide a full service, turn-key national program that includes customized waste equipment. We can help with the design of the compactor enclosure, build your equipment, ship your new system, then install new equipment with full maintenance for the term of the rental contract.

Let us give you a new option that will Enhance, provide Lower Cost and Simplify your projects.

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